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What to look out for when buying kettlebells

My Kettlebell journey started some time ago with much enthusiasm but, unfortunately, little to no guidance. I bought my first set from a chain retail store and was pleased that they were rather “cheap”. However, I very soon relearned the old life lesson that things which appear to be too good to be true, usually ARE … I only really noticed and appreciated what proper kettlebells SHOULD look and feel like after my first visit to Kettlebells for Africa.

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Read Your Manual

…and go to bed early were Pavel’s parting words at the Meet and Greet prior to the start of my RKC in 2004. And I have heard those words repeated on more than one occasion since then.

I did half of what was ordered – the going to bed early part. I only wish I had done the other half although I doubt it would have helped much.

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