What should I look out for when buying kettlebells?


  • Handle finish – This kettlebell arrives with a smooth, round handle with no burrs or blemishes.
  • Quality of construction – There is no gapping between where the handle joins the bell.
  • Uniform bell shape – This refers to the spherical shape of the bell.
  • Distance from handle to bell – Too large a distance and the bell will rest on your elbow, too short a distance and it will ride high on your wrist. Both positions making it extremely uncomfortable to work with. DragonDoor took these aspects into account and came up with the optimum handle height for general kettlebell fitness activities.
  • Paint finish – The paint will not chip off under normal use, i.e. knocking against each other when doing doubles or against the floor when replacing the bell on the ground.


Dragon Door military grade RKC kettlebells, considered to be the best kettlebells available on the market in the USA and now available in South Africa.